Husson University

Category: Education
Year of Last Grant Award:2022

The Harold Alfond Foundation has provided major grant support to Husson University to support scholarships, the Winkin Sports Complex, and construction of a new building for the rapidly-growing College of Business.

More information as provided by our partner:

The Harold Alfond Foundation and Husson University have more in common than most people realize. Chesley Husson, the founder of Husson University, was born in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1903. Eleven years later, Harold Alfond was born in the same town – Lynn, Massachusetts. Both men moved to Maine and both men were dedicated to education.

In fact, it was Alfond’s enthusiasm for collegiate sports, education and his friendship with then Husson Vice President John Winkin that led to Husson’s first $1 million gift from the Harold Alfond Foundation in 2002. Alfond added to this gift by donating an additional $100,000, later that same year, to complete the beautiful artificial-turf baseball diamond known today as the Winkin Baseball Complex. It is the home field for Husson University field hockey, football and baseball.

The University also awards $100,000 in Harold Alfond Scholarships each year to approximately 30 students each year. These scholarship provides much needed financial assistance to Central Maine students experiencing economic challenges. Children of deceased or disabled parents affected by the September 11, 2001 terrorist tragedy and children of former Dexter Shoe employees are given special consideration.

In 2017, the Harold Alfond Foundation generously provided a one dollar match for every two dollars donated to Husson University for the creation of a new College of Business building, up to a total of $4 million. This is the largest outright gift ever made to Husson University.

The Foundation’s extraordinary support is helping Husson University create a facility that will enhance Husson’s ability to deliver the transformative business education for which Husson has become well known.  It will house the largest College of Business in Maine.

Once completed in the Fall of 2021, students studying here will have the facilities and technology needed to maximize Husson’s innovative and experiential curriculum improving their ability to successfully compete in today’s global economy. The new, modern building will feature approximately 32,000 square feet of experiential classrooms and learning spaces, supported by an advanced technology infrastructure. It will fuse business education with science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) opportunities. These STEAM-oriented learning spaces will become the incubators of future jobs in our state.