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Category: Education
Year of Last Grant Award:2014

The Harold Alfond Foundation’s grant support to Good Will-Hinckley dates back to the early 1990s, and includes major grants to support scholarships, the endowment, capital renovations and the launch and growth of the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences, a natural sciences-themed high school and Maine’s first charter school.

More information as provided by our partner:

The Harold Aflond Foundation graciously pledged Good Will-Hinckley $5.5 million towards the Capital Campaign for The Moody School Renovation for the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences (MeANS).

MeANS, the first public charter high school in Maine, opened in 2011 and attracts a diverse range of students, including those for whom the traditional public school setting may not have been a good fit. Students at MeANS use a more individualized and hands on approach to learning while studying sustainability, forestry, and agriculture.

Demand for the school quickly outgrew available space (76 students) in the original school building. By renovating the Moody School and moving the students and staff to the new building, MeANS is now capable of accepting up to 210 students.

Good Will-Hinckley and MeANS are grateful for the gift from the Harold Alfond Foundation, and, most importantly, the students’ are thankful that they have a place where they fit in and can learn in a manner that works well for them.

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