Alfond Youth and Community Center

Category: Youth & Community Development
Year of Last Grant Award:2023

In 1998, the Harold Alfond Foundation made a $3 million lead gift to establish the Alfond Youth Center (now the Alfond Youth and Community Center), and since then has provided over $25 million in additional funding. The Foundation’s support has included funding for ongoing capital improvements, scholarships for youth to attend after-school and Camp Tracy summer programs, a gift of $5 million for the Center’s endowment, funding to upgrade Camp Tracy’s facilities, and a grant to develop a comprehensive, integrated whole-family Wellness Center.

More information as provided by our partner:

The Alfond Youth Center was completed in May 1999 and houses both the Waterville Boys and Girls Club and the Waterville YMCA. Thanks to the continuous support of the Harold Alfond® Foundation, Alfond Youth Center facilities are not only kept in the highest quality state of operation but have expanded to meet the demands of the community in the most comprehensive, professional, and state-of-the-art fashion.

The Alfond Youth Center made it possible to enhance the organization’s after-school program, provide a therapy pool, six-lane lap pool, triple gymnasium, climbing wall, and offer lessons in karate, dance, and gymnastics.

In 2006, the organization added a second story to the Alfond Youth Center, increasing its square footage to 72,000 and making Center one of the largest in terms of square footage in the nation. In addition, the teen center was enhanced through the additions of the New Balance Youth Fitness Center, the Harold Alfond Library, Club Naha Karate Dojo, and a boardroom.

In 2019, the Alfond Youth Center opened a new Wellness Center. Knowing families are the cornerstone of positive modeling for youth, this project provides for the health and well-being of the entire family unit. Later that year, the Alfond Youth Center became the Alfond Youth & Community Center, promoting the health and well-being of the entire family unit and providing for the achievement of community wellness – mind, body and spirit!