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Below you will find a listing of Annual Grant Reports and profiles of three of the Harold Alfond Foundation’s major projects.  In addition, grants from prior years can be viewed as part of the IRS 990 PF reports, listed on the governance page. 

College Challenge logoHarold Alfond College Challenge

Harold Alfond believed that every child in the 21st century should have aspirations and access to higher education, and that these values should be embedded in Maine culture.  To that end, the Harold Alfond College Challenge was established in 2008 as a first-in-the-nation program, offering a $500 college grant to every Maine resident baby whose family opened a NextGen 529 College Investing Plan account by the baby's first birthday.  Since the program’s inception, 23,000 Maine babies have been enrolled in the program, with nearly 30% of these babies’ families making subsequent contributions to the 529 Plan investment accounts. 

On March 6, 2014, the Foundation announced that all Maine resident babies will now automatically be awarded a $500 Alfond college grant.  You can read more about the announcement by clicking here

The College Challenge integrates elements of Harold Alfond’s three favorite charitable causes, which today are the Foundation’s primary areas of giving: education, healthcare, and youth development.  By working in partnership with hospitals all across the state, where the program is reinforced as a good idea in birth classes and doctors’ offices, the College Challenge encourages college savings and provides age-appropriate tips for parents to prepare their children for higher education. In addition to hospitals, the College Challenge relies on the commitment and cooperation of several partners to operate the program: The Alfond Scholarship Foundation (ASF), the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), and Educate Maine.  It is hoped that in time this program will, as Harold Alfond envisioned, make a significant impact on the economy of Maine.

To enroll a baby or to obtain additional information about the program, visit the websites for the ASF and Harold Alfond College Challenge

Maine General logoMaineGeneral Medical Center

Harold Alfond wanted the people of Central Maine to have access to the best health care facilities available anywhere.  In line with this belief, the Harold Alfond Foundation has partnered with MaineGeneral Medical Center on two projects intended to improve the quality of life for the people of Central Maine and to position MaineGeneral to better meet the challenges in today’s health care environment and into the future.

First, in the summer of 2007, in his final days, Harold Alfond celebrated the opening of the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care, a regional state-of-the-art facility that consolidated MaineGeneral comprehensive oncology care programs in Central Maine into a single 59,000-square-foot, award-winning facility, equipped with the latest technology, and designed to offer multi-specialty treatment and care coordination.  Mr. Alfond’s commitment to the cancer center was $8 million.

Second, on May 7, 2010, the Harold Alfond Foundation announced a commitment of
$35 million to MaineGeneral in support of a new regional replacement hospital and comprehensive outpatient center in Central Maine.  The project aims to keep necessary health care services close to home, improve care coordination, support the recruitment and retention of high-quality primary care and specialty care health professionals, preserve and create jobs, and inject hundreds of millions of dollars into the state’s economy.  MaineGeneral's new 'Alfond Center for Health' opened on November 9, 2013.

Central to both of these projects is an emphasis on teamwork and community partnerships – hallmarks of Harold Alfond’s philanthropy.  For more information on MaineGeneral Hospital, the Center for Cancer Care, and the new comprehensive hospital project, visit and

Alfond Youth Center logoAlfond Youth Center

There was no charitable cause more important to Harold Alfond than nurturing young people.  And in over 50 years of Mr. Alfond’s philanthropy, there was no organization of which he was more proud than the Alfond Youth Center.

The Alfond Youth Center is a 72,000 square foot recreational facility featuring two swimming pools, a gymnasium, an afterschool center, a kid’s kitchen, a teen center, a climbing wall, gymnastics center, a dance studio, a Karate Dojo, and a playground.  The Center is home to the Waterville Boys and Girls Club and YMCA, and represents a one-of-a-kind partnership between those two organizations and the City of Waterville. 

In 1998, the Harold Alfond Foundation made a $3 million lead gift to establish the Alfond Youth Center and since then has provided nearly $11 million in additional funding.  The Foundation’s support has included a grant for the facility’s expansion, scholarships for youth to attend afterschool and Camp Tracy summer programs, and a gift of $5 million for the Center’s endowment  – the largest gift the Foundation has ever made to an organization for its endowment.

For more information on the Alfond Youth Center, visit

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